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Truly growing the whole child includes a respect for the flow of energy throughout the body. At Park Maitland, we adhere to this tenet with a physical education and swimming program recognizing that body coordination, equilibrium, and flexibility translate to brain coordination, equilibrium, and flexibility. Our energetic teachers carry students beyond the simple task or game at hand, and build on their strength, response and reaction times, and affective skills, launching a dexterity that is priceless. Through kinesthetic activities like tetherball, soccer and swimming, students learn to navigate the field of sportsmanship and grow the endurance to withstand the pressures of an organized game. Our hope is that they carry these lessons into their adulthood, as we root our curriculum in the knowledge that healthy and active children become productive and well-balanced adults.

On the field students are given the opportunity to soar as they become a part of Park Maitland’s interscholastic athletics family. Our coaches foster a deep-seated dedication and commitment to teamwork and organized sports. Woven into the fabric of their Eagles’ jerseys, our students grow in integrity, endurance, confidence and physical strength. Over the years, we have grown our athletics offering to include basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, and flag football. This allows every student who desires an additional physical outlet a choice for expression. Our athletes bring the innovation they ignite in the classroom into the arena, and new strategic thinking is born.

Park Maitland Athletics

Park Maitland Athletics are postponed until further notice.  More information will be shared as it becomes available. 


Girls in grades 4th-6th, Late August – Early October


Boys & Girls in grades 1st-6th, Early September – Late October

Flag Football

Boys & Girls in grades 3rd-6th, Early November – Mid-December


Boys & Girls in grades 1st-6th, January – Early March


Track & Field

Boys & Girls in grades K4-5th, September – Late October and April – May

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