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Our Campus

State of the art spaces meet whimsical places.

Tradition meets innovation on Park Maitland’s lush, four-acre campus, securely nestled in the heart of Winter Park/Maitland. Serious, best-practice teaching takes a creative approach in modern spaces and charming places that leave room for whimsy and wonder.

Innovation Hub

Our newly renovated iHub building houses the library, STEAM lab and state-of-the-art Maker Space for Grades 3-6. Designed in direct collaboration with our students and built by local builders, this space encourages creativity and helps students learn through cross disciplinary projects.

Arts & Athletics Center

Our 14,000 square foot Arts and Athletics Center (AAC) was completed in 2005 and includes the gymnasium, a stage for student presentations and special events, and dedicated visual and performing arts rooms for both lower and upper elementary students.

Early Education Center & Tinkering Lab

The Early Education Center (EEC) houses pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and grade one classrooms, as well as an exceptional Tinkering Lab at its heart. The building occupies 8,000 square feet and holds 13 classrooms, the Tinkering Lab, and offices.

The focal point of our Tinkering Lab is a tree-like structure symbolizing myriad things important to the school — rings of growth, branching and reaching out, shelter and strength, beauty and inspiration, a strong “rooted” foundation, and the tree of knowledge. Imagine being a four-year-old within that lofty space! Our Tinkering Lab fosters dreams and creativity that should always be encouraged in children.

Main Building

When Park Maitland School was founded in the fall of 1968, it consisted of one building that remains a focal point today. Known as the Main Building, it features two stories containing offices and classrooms. Continual investments over the years have kept the Main Building feeling fresh, modern and engaging.


Park Maitland is proud to offer an indoor swimming pool. The pool is only three feet deep, making it a true learning pool. Countless numbers of children have learned to swim and have honed their skills in the Park Maitland pool.

The nurse’s quarters are situated in the middle of the campus for easy access by all students and teachers.

The old Kindergarten Cottage remains as a landmark with its charming bell tower and currently houses office spaces in the front and two large classrooms in the back.

The P.E. field,  affectionately dubbed “The Park” by our students, is used by all grade levels. Students love using The Park for P.E. but also spend many lunch and recess periods on the padded turf surface, just enjoying each other’s company.

Jellyfudge Park is the name of our pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade play area. Designed according to strict safety standards, Jellyfudge Park is colorful and engaging. The youngest children love to play and have “teaparty” (water and a healthy snack) during recess.

Securing the Wonder

There is no greater burden for parents than protecting the innocence, welfare, and safety of their children. The administration, teachers, and staff at Park Maitland School share this tremendous responsibility with you all.  We take pride in the fact that we provide our students with a superior academic foundation and well-rounded program.  In order for effective teaching and learning to take place, we must provide a safe environment.

As in every aspect of our school program, we continuously scrutinize our school safety protocol and procedures, making sure that all possible precautions are taken to control both seen and unseen factors. The daily goings-on and needs of our school are monitored through the lens of our high-tech security cameras, but the more powerful element of our security detail is the lens provided by the watchful eyes of our trained safety team along with our fully mindful faculty and staff.

Driven by the knowledge that the best way to avoid danger is a highly alert and informed staff who communicate any suspicious activity. We all fully embrace our part in securing the wonder of the campus.

Our security team, has an excellent working relationship with both the Maitland and Winter Park Police Departments, fostering a community dialogue that keeps our campus informed and protected.