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Student Life

Physical Education

The goal of Park Maitland’s Physical Education program is to instill in students a love for physical activity and an understanding of the importance of developing life-long physical fitness skills. Physical Education classes are held by grade level, and students practice both competitive and non-competitive games and sportsmanship in our 4,500 square foot state-of-the-art gymnasium. Our program provides learning experiences that contribute to the psychomotor, cognitive, and effective development of each student.

Physical education also gives the students knowledge and skills to make the most of their physical and mental abilities. It gives them the building blocks necessary for good health. Furthermore, students learn to assess their own physical fitness and maintain healthy levels of activity. New skills are taught to improve performance while gaining the self-discipline to take part in individual and group activities. Students who participate in physical education on a regular basis learn the benefits of teamwork and the value it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.