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Community Engagement

Our students study social entrepreneurship and how young people can make a difference in their community. Service learning projects integrate community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience and teach civic responsibility. Students identify a community service need, investigate issues, research and evaluate possible solutions, develop and implement a plan of action, and assess their results.

We see community engagement as an ongoing, two-way process of building relationships and working together to support all students. The results show transformative benefits for schools and their communities. We see the difference our time and effort makes…whether it’s raising funds or donating items to organizations that serve those suffering from food insecurity or homelessness or giving the gift of time to our community members and brightening their day with caring smiles.

By providing these opportunities for our students, they develop an appreciation for what they have, show gratitude towards others, and see the positive impact of their actions even at a young age. They feel good about giving back to others and want to continue spreading joy time and time again.