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When learning begins in wonder, strong characters and leaders emerge.

Fueled by a commitment to service, Park Maitland urges students ask how they can make an impact in the classroom and in the community around us. The theme of “leadership” is pervasive, and children as young as four learn the importance of being kind, setting a good example for peers, and giving to others. A bountiful array of service opportunities helps our students feel that there is a place for their expertise, a need to match their desire, and a constant invitation to fill their hearts and time with altruistic endeavors. This is the reason why we developed the Ambassadors Program.

Under the wonderful grace of our student and junior ambassadors, a school is maintained and traditions of kindness are upheld, giving students the opportunity to help others both locally and globally. The experiences in our program are vital to the growth of strong young minds and help our students reach their potential as citizens. This dynamic program also allows our school to fulfill its mission of educating the whole child.

Our Ambassadors Program Update

Last year’s student and junior ambassadors contributed much to the school and community. For example: The Toys for Tots toy drive, organized and led by students, collected over 1,400 toys. Student leaders also initiated an effort that collected 2,390 items of food in the annual food drive for Mrs. Cindy Rand and her extraordinary organization, A Grateful Mind. Our Hungry to Help program served 4,000 meals during lunch with the Christian Service Center. Proving that acts of kindness can simply be gifts of the heart, our student ambassadors spent time with the elderly at The Mayflower Retirement Community as part of Park Maitland’s Honored Elders program. The students played games, made arts and crafts, and sometimes just sat and talked with those at the center. As part of our efforts to help our global community, We Schools in Action was able to raise $10,000 to package over 35,000 meals with Feeding Children Everywhere to send to our community and to a village in Haiti.

Aiding in service right on our campus ambassadors seamlessly employed their leadership in creating the crux of day to day activities. The Help Squad assisted younger students during morning drop off, raised and lowered the flag, and helped with K4 and K5 screenings, open houses, field days and warm welcomes. The Kudos Committee recognized many of our students, teachers and classes for the notable acts of Park Maitland excellence they performed in our school community. This outstanding committee was also entrusted with organizing special days and bonding activities at the school. Furthermore, our peer tutoring program gave sixth grade ambassadors an opportunity to help younger students with their academics, sustaining the idea that passing on knowledge is the ultimate display of being a leader.